The Concept

Alan & Pim’s started in the summer of 2015 with a first restaurant in Rotterdam. It was a dream come true: a very own restaurant with a clear and conscious concept. After the succes in Rotterdam a new restaurant was opened in Utrecht 2 years later. Dutch are crazy about chicken, Alan & Pim’s has grown into a known concept in the food and beverage branche.

Our concept is simple: we serve the best chicken in the Netherlands. In various sorts and sizes, for example a whole of half a chicken, kippeling and chickenburgers. Finish your dish with one of our side dishes. Still room for a dessert? We’re happy to serve you a dessert too.

The menucard is simple, we don’t have dozens of dishes but we guarantee the freshness of our products. Qualitive products are high on our values. That is why we only serve homemade ‘appelmoes’, organic fries and even our BBQ sauce is made in our own kitchen. We only use fresh and fair products and that is very clear when you taste our food.

Fair chickes is very important to us. That is why we get our chicken from Tante Door. These typically Dutch chickens live in a spacious bar, get fresh water and graines. The fertilizing is 100% vegetable based and the chickens are free of antibiotics. So no overbreed chickens but excellent chickens.

Are you thirsty for a nice and cold beer? We serve Heineken from the barrel. Beside barrel beer we also serve several specials beers, like Kaapse Brouwers. What about a delicious Gin Tonic of club soda’s with specials flavours like rhubarb and pear/rosemary?


Four reasons why Alan&Pim’s chickens is insanely good

Are you crazy about chicken? Chicken is low on fat, contains many vitamines and proteins, that is why chicken is super healthy. Want to know the secret behind the delicious Alan&Pim’s chicken? Read on. A little teaser: it is in the nature of our chickens.

The Netherlands loves chicken

Beside pork meat chickens is the most eaten meat in The Netherlands. Many Dutch love chicken. There is still a number of improvements to be made in the living arrangements of the chickens. Chicken is good but is the best chicken, when they have had a good and healty life. That is why we share the secret behind our chickens.

Tante Door chicken

Spacious stables, good food and fresh water. At Alan&Pim’s we think it is important our chickens had a good and full life. This also has influence on the taste of the chickens. That is why we only use chickens from Tante Door (Aunty Door). These are chickens from Dutch soil who hatched and lived in the ‘Achterhoek’.

Fair chickens is delicious chicken


Point 1: Plenty of room to move

All the Tante Door chickens live in spacious stables where they get enough room to move around. They walk around in the stables in smaller herds. Natural daylight reaches the chickens through the illuminating windows so they have a normal day and night rhythm. Most of the chickens in The Netherlands live in small stables with no room to move and artifical light.

Point 2: Grown up in ideal circumstances

In the first three weeks of a Tante Door chick everything gets done to make the living arrangements as comfortable as possible. The temperature is set so the stable is nice and warm for the little chicks. They also get special chick food. The chicks grow up in ideal circumstances.

Point 3: No antibiotics

The most important advantage of the Tante Door chickens is that they are not using antibiotics and unnatural food for the chickens. The chickens feature fresh water and graines all day long. The graines are scattered around on several places so the chickens keep moving. The fertilizing is 100% vegetable based with vitamines and minerals.

Furthermore the chickens from Tante Door are the first ones in The Netherlands to get food without coccidiostatica. Coccidiostatica is added to food to prevent the chickens disease coccidiose. The big disadvantage of coccidiostatica is that scientist found proof that the use of this product leads to resistance from particular antibiotics that people use. *

Tante Door chickens get TriOlus, this constist multiple natural ingredients which leads to a better intestinal health. This way coccidiostatica is completely unnecessary** because our chickens are strong enough to fight the disease themselves.

* found in a studies of the Norwegain Science Committee for Food Safety (VKM)to the risks of the use of coccidiostatica.

** this is the conclusion of the studies of Olus Plus to the use of TriOlus.

Point 4: Minimal stress levels

Because Tante Door chickens are bred and grow up in The Netherlands minimal transport is needed. Transport causes the chickens a lot of stress. Tante Doors chickes are catched by hand and save and quietly transported. The chickens are completely sedated when they get slaughtered under the watchful eye of a governement judge. This cause minimal stress levels for the chickens and reduced stress levels increase the taste of the chickens.

Want to visit?

The good thing about Tante Door is that it is a transparant company. No strange circumstances or smooth talk. On their website is a live feed where you can see live images of the stables. Every minute a new image appears. You can see how the chickens are taken care of and grow up.

Do you want to see the famous chicken in real life? That is also possible. The stables are open to visitors. During this visit you get a tour from one of the enthousiastic employees and you get to see to life of the chickens with your own eyes.

The secret of Alan & Pim’s

After reading this it is clear why our chicken is so delicious, right? The Tante Door chickens are so tasty and tender because of the living environments.

We marinate the chickens and they get roasted on the spit. That is how a real Alan & Pim’s chicken is made. You can choose from several flavours like Alan & Pim’s spices, Herbs the Provence, Bitter Sweet BBQ and Thai spices.

Are you hungry yet? You can find a Alan & Pim’s restaurant in Utrecht. Try a roasted chicken or choose a chickenburger, kippeling or chicken ‘bitterballen’.

See you!

The Friethoes

Our delicious fries are made in the Friethoes in Haarlem. They never use the same potatoes to make sure they always have the best potato of the moment. The fries we serve at Alan & Pim’s are always 100% good and fresh.