Alan & Pim’s in the media

Since 2018, Utrecht has a new chicken restaurant. At Alan & Pim’s you eat chicken from te spit in the flavor of your choice: Provencal, bitter sweet BBQ or Chimichurri. For a quick and easy bite you go to Alan & Pim’s. You sit cozy, there is a large bar and you have a view on the open kitchen.

Esquire Booze & Food

Recently a business to our hart has opened. Because at Alan & Pim’s you eat succulent chicken from the spit with a delicious crispy crust. And lets face it, which man wouldn’t want that?

When you want to eat with a lager group and you don’t want to end up in a pub again, you are at the right place here with these two gentlemen. Bonus point for the fact you can eat unabashedly with your hands.