About us

Alan & Pim’s started in the summer of 2015 with our location in Rotterdam. Their own business in the food industry with a clear view and concept. A dream that came true. The Dutch people and the tourists are crazy about chicken.

Let’s put it to you this way: preparing and serving chicken is our passion. We love what we do. We love all sorts of chicken: different kinds and sizes, like a whole chicken of a half, kippeling or a chickenburger. Choose one of our side dishes to complete your meal. After your  tasty meal, it’s time for our delicious desserts.

Our menu is simple and all of our ingredients are fresh and homemade. We serve homemade apple sauce, fresh biological fries and the BBQ sauce is also homemade. At Alan & Pim’s we only use fresh, organic and fair products.

One of the most important things for us is the chicken. All of our chickens are from Tante Door. These chickens are real Dutch and grow up in a large stable with fres water and whole grain.

We would like to see you at one of our locations to join us for a delicious meal or for take away. See you!

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Real cup of coffee

Coffee is booming in the hospitality industry. Trendy coffeeshops pop up everywhere. Alan & Pim’s can’t stay behind. A good cup of coffee is important to us. Though whithout fuss. A well-filled mug. In between or after eating. You order when you are feeling for a cup of coffee.

Bread from Jordy’s Bakery

The bread we serve is freshly made daily from Jordy’s Bakery in Rotterdam en is baked according a traditional French recipe. Water, salt, flour and homemade sourdough are the only basic ingredients. Pure sourgdough bread is made without artificial additives, whit its characteristic crunchy crust.

Perfect wine

About the wine are no difficult stories. Still, we like to delve a delve into wine. So many tipes, so many tastes. It is succeedded very well to make a choice, if we say so ourselves. We are pleased to know what you think. At Alan & Pim’s wine list you wil find a number of toppers from Chili, Spain and South Africa.

Do you like white?

The Chilean Gras Viognier is our house wine. It is a delicious white wine, with a richt and soft taste with a lot of fruit tones such as melon, pear and peach.

The Chardonnay is from Louis Fourie from South Africa. The aroma is citrus and tropical fruit. The taste is very well balanced with hits of pineapple, mango and lime. A beautifull and refined finish with a light buttery final.

Are you a lover of red?

Our Chilean De Gras Merlot has notes of ripe blackberries, plums, vanilla and coffee. The taste is round and smooth with a hint of berries and cherries.

A classic is the Rioja Contige y Ole. Deep, dark, elegant and the smell of ripe fruit, vanilla with a slight hint of cedar.

The fresh rosé Pink Sin from Chile is brisk and has a light pink colour. You smell the ripe strawberries and raspberries with spicy accents. The balance between the acidity and the sweet notes of red fruit is beautiful.

Choose the Rosé Veneto Bottega for a light airy bubble rosé. This delicate, fresh and lively flavor is the perfect choise as an aperitif ans is delicious with white meat dishes.